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District 7570

Chicago, IL, Rotary Club No. 1 was started on February 23, 1905. In due course Chicago helped to organize the Washington, D.C. Club, which in turn organized Richmond Rotary Club, in 1913, the 69th Rotary Club to be founded. The Washington, D.C. Club also was the parent club of Nashville, TN. Among the progeny of these two clubs are all the current Clubs of District 7570.

The Rotary Club of Roanoke, VA was organized by Richmond Rotary in 1914, so it is the oldest club in 7570, followed by Johnson City, TN founded by Nashville in 1916 with Lynchburg, VA and Bristol VA-TN following in 1917. Thus all clubs in the District are descended from either Richmond or Nashville.

Our Club, The Rotary Club of Marion was founded in 1928 and derived from Abingdon which was established in 1923, Abingdon descended from Bristol as stated was established in 1917 from Richmond. The Rotary Club of Marion is celebrating 90 years of service this year!

To see our genealogy chart and review past District Governors, please follow this link: 2013 District 7570 PDGs and Genealogy Chart.pdf

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